Monday, June 6, 2011

The Washing of the Bibs

I put my insulated bib overalls in the wash on June 1.  I also stored my bucket with two sets of tire chains and the tub with pacs, bib overalls, wool, coat, wool cap, and insulated gloves that I keep in the pickup for more than half the year.  This is a real leap of faith that I won’t need any of them for awhile.  In fact, I had worn the bib overalls a few times yet in the latter part of May.
These heavy bibs are an important part of my wardrobe.  I wear them regularly, and have for the last twenty years.  That was a major change from the first twenty years of my cowboy life when I wore wool underwear instead.

But wool underwear are hard to find these days, and the bib overalls have the advantage of keeping your clothes clean, and of being able to add or subtract a jacket or coat to regulate temperature.  When you come in the house you can peel off the bibs and be both clean and comfortable.
And thus comes progress – even to an old cowboy.

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