Saturday, January 21, 2012

Now In Print!

            "Ain't this romantic?" hollered Steve from his position on the opposite flank of the handful of cattle we were struggling to push into the biting wind.
          "The best part is that there are no mosquitoes," I replied, pulling my neck-scarf up to cover my stinging cheeks.

          Steve Gordon and I were gathering a small group of two-year-old heifers with new calves which had been caught in an open field by a late winter storm.  The heifers were new to this business of motherhood and alternately ran away from the group in a tizzy, then returned bawling for their new babies.  The calves couldn't decide whether to follow the group, their mothers, the horses, or to just lay down where they were and hide.

          Our objective was to push the group into the shelter of the brush along lower Richardson Creek, but our erratic progress was further hampered by a north wind which was blowing snow into our faces at a temperature of 5o below zero.

And thus begins my newly published book Ain’t This Romantic!?! – Adventures of a Twentieth Century Cowboy, which is now available in print at the CreateSpace storeIt takes a few minutes to set up an account, but I’m sure it will be worth it for you. 

A reader from Yorktown, VA had this to say: 
As an Easterner who loves horses and nature, and is fascinated by the whole idea of "cowboys", but has no knowledge or experience with the latter, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The chapters are a series of vignettes, each describing events that happened to the author.
What's fascinating about the book is that, told from the person who lived the events (a day in the life of a cowboy), the book places the reader there as well. Being a cowboy on a ranch in Montana requires more skills than riding horses and roping; it's down-right hard work.

Read about the cow we roped out of the back of a pickup, the bull that blasted me with a fence post, and the mules that kicked me in the head.  Hear about run-aways, bucking horses, stampedes, snowdrifts - and the day I blew up the washing machine.

Here's some good winter reading!

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