Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Off the Grid

            “Off The Grid” is another one of those romantic notions that city folk have.  To those of us in the country, “the grid” is a lifeline.
            Here at the ranch our water is supplied by gravity from a spring up the coulee and we have an endless supply of firewood.  Meat is just out the front door.  A generator is ready for the infrequent times the power is off.  But I depend on the internet.
            Rather than a trip to town and a long slog through several stores to find what I want, I have purchased mitts, hayhooks, tractor parts, and tires on-line.  It’s much easier to shop for books at the comfort of my desk – I can buy new, used, even out-of-print books with a mouse-click.
            But this morning I am really frustrated!  The satellite internet service is down.

            I had intended to send a book off to be reviewed, but I can’t log on to Stamps.com to print the postage.  I need to make my monthly federal tax deposit which I do on the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System website.  I can’t check the weather, and of course I can’t post my whining until I have internet access again.

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