Thursday, February 9, 2012

Neck Scarf

Some people seem to consider a neck scarf merely to be a part of a cowboy’s “costume”.  In fact the term “Wild Rag” – as it is called in some places – would seem to imply that it is just a decoration.
For northern cowboys, however, that silk scarf is as essential as a hat and boots.  (And if you think the hat isn’t essential, then you’ve never sunburned your ears!)
You’ll notice that all the babies have beanies in a hospital nursery, as that bald head is a big source of heat loss.  A bare neck is also a place that cools quickly.  The scarf protects that bare skin, and also seals off the cold from going on down the collar.  One ranch visitor who was outfitted with a scarf during cold weather remarked that it really did keep her warmer – as if she thought we wore scarves for merely cosmetic reasons!
But just because they’re practical doesn’t mean they can’t also look good.  Notice here the how the colors of the scarf complement the plain-colored shirt:

And this same scarf looks good with a couple of other colors:

A patterned scarf, however, is a bit too busy for a plaid shirt. 

And vests also help set off the brighter colors of the shirts.
These two plain shirts require different scarves.  Note how the dark-hued shirt is set off by the bright scarf – and how it picks up the color theme of the brands:

If your guy is a cowboy, he’ll always appreciate another neck-scarf.  And here is just the tool to hang them up.  Also consider a slide to cinch it up around his neck – a knot could be dangerous if the scarf hung up on something.
No, a scarf is not just a dainty accessory – it’s an important piece of clothing.  But we can still look good and have a little fun!

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